book: Ashtown Burials #1; The Dragon’s Tooth


Just finished reading 'The Dragon's Tooth' on my iphone. This was an easy, excellent read. Some of the story was a bit glossed over, in the latter half, with a lot of story momentum, and not enough detail. This did not, however, detract from the enjoyment value of the book. It smacked a bit of a certain Potter universe, but not in a negative way. The beginning of the book started off slowly, and just when I'd guess at where it would go next, it would turn and take a new direction.

Overall, an enjoyable read I recommend for a quick escape...but you don't have to take my word for it.

Oddly enough, there's an HD trailer for the book that is just awesome. The only drawback is that you totally want to see this as a movie after watching the trailer. I watched this trailer before reading the book and it really didn't do much for me, but after reading the book, it was amazing how many sections of the book were showcased rapidly, giving the sense of an entire movie's length. It's a genius way to sell the book in today's world.


netflix UI sucks across the board


Netflix, why hast thou forsaken me? I have been a member of netflix since 2001, and have seen many changes over the years. I was slightly annoyed when Netflix secretly released their most recent incarnation of the watch now interface (June, 2011). Only slightly annoyed because it affected my computer usage of netflix, which I could still navigate around a bit. Are we now catering solely to the short attention span theater market, replacing those bulky text titles with cover art only? Who needs those pesky words? The motion of the side scrolling makes me feel like my eyes are about to give birth to an angry, epileptic honey badger.

Just seeing pictures of the old interface makes me shed a tear in mourning, as if a loved one has died. No, it's closer to if a loved one had died, and was reincarnated into a Justin Beiber hair style. A spokesperson for Netflix stated that they were happy with the current layout, which they feel provides a newer, cleaner look that has been well received, with little complaint.

I have to call bullshit on this one, since Netflix markets to an inherently lazy (i.e. I want to watch it now, at my undies) demographic. Of course you're not going to see complaints--that would take effort on the part of your customers.

This brings me to the mobile device interface. For the iphone, the interface is annoying as hell. Where are the movies? I'm missing my 'watch it again' category. From someone who has rated 6,000+ titles, I find myself more than willing to watch titles a second or third time.

My reason for this entire article actually had to do with netflix on the AppleTV--who the hell put this together?! After all of the drawbacks mentioned above, which are present in the AppleTV, I have the following two complaints: movies previously rated DO NOT SHOW, and some genres are completely missing. Movies you have rated in the past may only appear in a search, if you're lucky. This leaves hundreds and hundreds of titles completely missing when browsing all categories, if you rate movies regularly like I do. Genres like Music and Musicals, to name a few, are missing from the genres list. Where are they? They have become ninja, mastering the art of invisibility, because I sure as hell can't find them anywhere.

As I mentioned, the changes to the computer interface for watch now were generally annoying when first released, but now the horrible discrepancies, and general interface suckage across the board are driving me up the wall. FUUU!!!


what’d you do?

here we go again

There are no king's horses, or king's men. It's just me, and I'm putting things back together again. Content will be added as I get to it, you know, with my busy schedule ("shed-yule") keeping me occupied. Someone has to save the world, right?

I'm hoping to make this more of a repository of my useless creations, talents, and evidence of my most awesome adventures, seasoned with a bit of my own take on things. There will most assuredly be commentary on some of the tech toys I mess with, or even the food I'm enjoying.


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