Practice Session Recording (music…sorta)


"Hey Omie, can you do three things at once?"


"Can you do them well?"


This is what my garage practices sound like. This is all one take, mistakes included, playing bass drum, guitar, and singing at the same time. Recorded with an iphone 6 plus, using a roland electronic drum set, and a little martin travel guitar.


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update to galleries – 9/7

Posted updates to the following sections:

random art

prospecting images

mobile images



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iPad sketch – Jennifer Lawrence


Been quite a while since I've done a quick sketch. Here's one of Jennifer Lawrence. Sadly relevant with all the craziness happening right now, but this one was actually long overdue, based on my disgusting crush action.

"Done entirely on an iPad," said Omie, honestly not intending to sound snooty.



iPad sketch – self portrait


Knocking the dust off a bit, since I haven't done any art projects in years. Add to that, this was done on the iPad.

More to come.


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Swimming with the drones

updraft view

So, a few months ago, I was futzing around through youtube and while looking for some interesting videos of Lake Tahoe, I stumbled on a twenty-second or so aerial shot of the part of the shore I love. I thought about how amazing it was to see that part of the shoreline I love so much (west shore) shown in a view I'd never seen before--from above! I could tell the guy who filmed it was using a camera attached to some RC (remote controlled) device.


book: Ashtown Burials #1; The Dragon’s Tooth


Just finished reading 'The Dragon's Tooth' on my iphone. This was an easy, excellent read. Some of the story was a bit glossed over, in the latter half, with a lot of story momentum, and not enough detail.


netflix UI sucks across the board


Netflix, why hast thou forsaken me? I have been a member of netflix since 2001, and have seen many changes over the years. I was slightly annoyed when Netflix secretly released their most recent incarnation of the watch now interface (June, 2011). Only slightly annoyed because it affected my


what’d you do?

here we go again

There are no king's horses, or king's men. It's just me, and I'm putting things back together again. Content will be added as I get to it, you know, with my busy schedule ("shed-yule") keeping me occupied. Someone has to save the world, right?

I'm hoping to make this more of a repository of my useless creations, talents, and evidence of my most awesome adventures, seasoned with a bit of my own take on things. There will most assuredly be commentary on some of the tech toys I mess with, or even the food I'm enjoying.


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